Hear Me Now Podcast

Family caregiving: the joys and the burdens

Episode Summary

For millions of Americans, taking care of a loved one at home is a way of life. This "informal" caregiving is hard work that often falls to an elderly spouse, or to adult children, or to an ad hoc network of friends & family. .

Episode Notes

Our guests this week bring tremendous expertise to the constellation of issues that surround family caregiving: from managing the expense of caregiving, to strategies for finding respite care, to enjoying the psycho-social benefits of being present and accompanying a loved one in a time of need. 


In addition, we hear excerpts from interviews with two family caregivers who talk with producer Scott Acord about the family dynamics of providing care at home. To hear extended versions of these conversations, follow the links to Linda's Story and Marti's Story or look for these bonus episodes being published along with this podcast.



Robin Henderson, Psy.D.

Chief Executive, Behavioral Health

Providence Health & Services, Oregon

Chief Clinical Officer


Portland, Ore.


Nicholas Kockler, Ph.D.

VP System Ethics Services

Chair, Applied Health Care Ethics

Providence Center for Health Care Ethics

Portland, Ore.


Maureen Nash, M.D.

Geriatric Psychiatrist

Medical Director

Providence ElderPlace

Portland, Ore.