Hear Me Now Podcast

EXTENDED INTERVIEW: Lauren Sawson and Sara Epstein

Episode Summary

Lauren Sawson and Sara Epstein are sisters-in-law. Lauren lives in Muskegon, Mich. and talks about the downside of not telling people early in a pregnancy that you're expecting.

Episode Notes

WATCH Lauren and company in one of their dance performances. "Showing pregnancy loss through the lens of miscarriage, medical abortion, and stillbirth. The journey transitions from an individual one, to one with family and support. The piece ends with the power of holding space, and being there for each other."


This interview is an extended version of material that appears in a podcast episode devoted to exploring early pregnancy loss. We invite you to listen to that podcast. If you're interested in sharing your story of pregnancy loss, write to us for information on participating in the Hear Me Now story project: